Blog Tour: Will You Be My Escort by Meg Harding


A Carlisles novel

Jackson Carlisle has rotten luck with men and women, and after an especially bad situation, he takes a step back from romance. But with a two-week family reunion in Hawaii looming, his mom is determined to set him up with one of the sweet singles she knows would be perfect for him. A normal person would tell her no and be done with it. Instead, Jackson tells her he has a boyfriend. The only problem? He doesn’t.

Aaron Wilkes is an escort. He’s a little surprised when a friend’s girlfriend hires him to date her brother, but he’s had stranger jobs. Jackson is cute, and he thinks a fling with Aaron might be just the kind of no-strings-attached fun he needs to get over his dry spell. As they explore the islands together, their carefully laid plans begin to get away from them. Feelings aren’t supposed to come into play, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, you can’t fall in love in two weeks….


Part of being in a large family means everyone knows everything. And it’s never forgotten, because inevitably someone remembers it. So Jackson doesn’t know how he hasn’t heard about the family reunion until he’s staring at the ridiculous card on his dark-cream tiled counter. Someone has taken the time to make a collage of the entire family’s faces and merge them into lettering that reads “You’re invited to the Carlisle Family Reunion.” He’s not sure whether to be impressed or appalled.

His phone starts to trill. He picks it up without looking. “Are you seeing this?” asks James. “I think I’m hallucinating it.”

“No,” says Jackson. “I’ve got it in front of me. It’s painfully real.”

The last thing in the world he wants to do is attend a family reunion. It’s a two-week-long affair at a resort in Hawaii (which would be lovely if the family reunion aspect was removed), occurring in three weeks’ time, during which they’re going to be surrounded by obnoxious extended family. It’s like something from a horror film.

“I don’t know why you’re complaining,” he says to James. “You’ve got a boyfriend.” He thinks about it. “Can Bastien not come?” He runs two businesses and works a lot, but he’s got a partner who can probably take things over.

“Bastien can come,” grumbles James. “He’s annoyingly excited for it.”

“He’s in for a rude awakening,” mutters Jackson. Bastien hasn’t met anyone outside of their immediate close-knit group yet—he wasn’t around for the last reunion. He’s probably expecting everyone to be like their particular branch of Carlisles. The extended family isn’t like them. Well, in some ways they are, but in others… no. They’re an eclectic group of people who mostly only bother to get together and converse for a period longer than a two-word holiday or birthday card every five years.

There’s a reason for that.

His call waiting goes off. He pulls the phone from his ear. “Mom’s calling,” he says on a sigh. “I’ll call you back.”

“Don’t bother,” says James. “I’m coming over, and we’re going to drink till we forget we’ve been invited.”

Jackson rolls his eyes. “You’re a drama queen.” He drops the call in the middle of James’s indignant squawks. “Hello,” he says to his mom.

“Hello, sweetie,” she says. “Did you get the invitation?”

He glares at their obnoxious collaged faces. “I did.” He looks closer. Someone has photoshopped a curled mustache onto James’s face. He holds the phone away from him as he snickers. Their cousin Bobby must have made the card. He hates James. “James has a mustache in the picture,” he tells his mom. “Did you see that?”

Her sigh is long and pained. “I did. I’m calling to let you know you have to go. You can’t get out of this.” She goes silent, but there’s something about it that makes Jackson feel like there’s more coming. He has a feeling he’s not going to like it. “I know things have been rough, since you had to move and all….”

And he called that.

“But I have a friend, she has a delightful daughter, and I think you two would really get along. She might take some of the pressure off the reunion? And I think it’ll be good for you. I don’t mean to worry, but you haven’t dated anyone since Angel.” He winces at the name. “It’s time to try again, don’t you think? Move on? We’re all worried about you, dear. I have a friend with a son too, he’s a bit older than you, but he’s got a nice job.”

The last thing he wants is to be set up by his mother. A sane person would tell her to butt out and hang up. Politely of course; this is his mom after all. Jackson has a short supply of sanity, though, and he’s been running on very little sleep for the last month. What comes out of his mouth, instead of “no, thank you” or “I don’t need someone else to be happy,” is “I’m already seeing someone.”


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Meg Harding is a graduate of UCF and Anglia Ruskin University. For as long as she can remember, writing has always been her passion, but she had an inability to ever actually finish anything. She’s immensely happy that her inability has fled and looks forward to where her mind will take her next. She’s a sucker for happy endings, the beach, and superheroes.  In her dream life she owns a wildlife conservation and is surrounded by puppies. She’s a film buff, voracious reader, and a massive geek.





Blog Tour: Julio’s Wolf by AC Katt

Werewolves of Manhattan Book 6

Author Name: A.C. Katt
Book Name: Julio’s Wolf
Can be read as a stand alone
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Publisher: MLR Press
Cover Artist: Lex Valentine
Pages or Words: 203 pages
Categories: Paranormal, Contemporary, Urban Wolf Shifter, Gay


Can an independent, stubborn human beta make room in his life and heart for a hard-headed Alpha?
Julio Reyes has had a hard life. Orphaned at fourteen, he ran away from a group home to avoid rape but wound up being an independent prostitute in NYC.  He has a life plan—go to school, become a stylist and open his own salon.

Etienne Daurensbourg is one-hundred and thirty-nine years old and fears he’ll never find his Mate until his friend Alexei introduces him to Julio. Julio is Etienne’s Mate but before he has a chance to court Julio, who is a human high beta and therefore stubborn and independent, Julio gets knifed and is forced to let Etienne provide him with a home and help to recover.Pack problems arise that may force Etienne into the pit. Will Julio be able to love Etienne despite the fact he is a loup garou?


The City of Oswego, NY
The Reyes Household
Nine Years Ago, Late April
“Julio, don’t you want to go out on the boat to fish with Dad and me?” His mom slapped mayo on a tuna salad sandwich and packed it in the cooler.
Julio stood in the kitchen with his hands on his hips. “I don’t like fishing, it’s yucky. I want to go to Richard’s house and play his new video game.”
“It’s the last day of Dad’s vacation. He wants to spend some time with you before he has to go back to work tomorrow.”
He rolled his eyes. Julio knew his mother was trying to use guilt so he would go fishing with them. “I’ve spent time with you and Dad for the whole week of spring break. Why do I have to go today? I’ll see Dad tonight when he comes home and every night after that. Richard’s only going to be here two more weeks.”
“Julio, you’re fourteen years old, don’t you think it’s time you stopped whining? All right, you can go to Richard’s house and play the new game. Come kiss me good-bye. Dad’s in the garage. Say good-bye to him, and we’ll pick you up at Richard’s house at four.”
His mother continued to make sandwiches.
“Thanks, Mom, you’re the best.”
She wiped her hands on a kitchen towel. “Does Richard’s mother know you’re coming?” she asked over her shoulder as she put a container of her homemade potato salad into the cooler with the sandwiches.
“Yes, she’s making lunch.” He ran over to the counter.
“Okay, dear.” Julio gave his mother a kiss and a hug and ran out to the garage.
Julio stood in front of his dad with his hands in the pockets of his jeans. “I’m going to Richard’s. Mom said it was okay.”
His father smiled. “I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I know I can’t compete against Tomb Raider.” His father was straightening the tackle and packing the fishing rods in the rear of the Highlander.
Julio kissed his dad and jogged around the corner to Richard’s.
Richard Kerrigan was Julio’s best friend and the only other gay kid in their school. Naturally, they had gravitated toward one another.
Julio and Richard were best buddies. Once, they tried to kiss but they decided that they weren’t that kind of friends. Richard was moving from Oswego to Chicago in two weeks. Julio would lose his best friend. It was the most traumatic event in his young life and made his stomach hurt. After Richard left, Richard promised to call and e-mail. They might connect for a while, but their own lives would get in the way, and their long-distance friendship would disappear. Julio shrugged—What is, is was his motto. But he’d miss Richard. It was going to be lonely being the only gay kid at school. A lot of bullying might come his way.
Julio walked up the path to the yellow house with green shutters and knocked on the door. Mrs. Kerrigan answered, her hair hung partially out of her ponytail, her face appeared flushed, and a sheen
of perspiration dripped from her forehead. She wiped her forearm across her brow. “I hope you’re not expecting more than PB&J for lunch today. I’m packing.”
“No, Mrs. Kerrigan, PB&J is fi ne. I want to see Richard. We don’t have much time left.” She swept her hand over her forehead again, to brush her red bangs out of her eyes.
“We’ll have you out to Chicago, and Richard can come back tovisit.” She kept glancing at the boxes in the kitchen. She didn’t have time to talk to him.
“Where’s Richard?”
“In the den. I’ll make sandwiches at noon. Julio walked down the stairs to the lower floor of the split- level. Richard remained focused on the TV screen, playing Tomb Raider.
“Hey, Julio, check this out.”
Mrs. Kerrigan served their PB&J and a glass of cold milk in the kitchen. Richard waited for his mom to go back to her packing and whispered to Julio, “If we were at your house, we could play Tomb
Raider while we ate.”
“It’s nicer eating at a table. And this way you don’t spill milk on the game controller.” Julio teased Richard about last year’s mishap.
By the end of the afternoon Richard won seven times and he had come close only once. “Score,” Richard said as Julio went down for the last time.
“Richard, you’re such a geek.” Julio pouted.
Richard looked up at Julio and said, “Yep.”
At four o’clock, Richard’s mother came downstairs and asked Julio, “Could you wait for your mom out on the step? I have to pick up Richard’s dad from work and then we’re going out to dinner.
Your mom and dad should be here in a few minutes.”
“No problem, Mrs. Kerrigan, my parents will be here any minute.
They’re never late. I have no problem waiting on the step.”
“Well, good-bye, dear, I’m sure we’ll see you tomorrow. Richard will want to play his new game again.”
Julio walked halfway up the stairs and turned shouting down to the den, “See you tomorrow, Richard.” There was no answer.
Richard was immersed in the game.
§ § §
“Of all the things we have to do as a cop, this is the worst,”
Officer Joe Pennetta told his partner, Mike Dolan.
Dolan straightened his holster.
“Yeah. I spoke to the neighbors when we stopped at their house after we tried to make the notifi cation.
The neighbors said there was no other family. He’s at the Kerrigan’s house around the corner. The one in the house on the right told me in confidence that the poor kid is gay. There are no foster homes that want to take gay kids around here so he’s headed for the group home over in Fulton. He won’t even be able to stay in the same town, never mind the same school.” Dolan sighed. “Maybe his friend’s parents will take him in.”
Pennetta turned on to Clover Street. “Maybe…” He doubted that they would get anyone to take the kid except for the County group home. A social worker waited at the stationhouse for Julio. Their job
was to notify the survivor and bring the kid in, that was it. But he hated the looks on the people’s faces when he had to break the news.
Pennetta and Dolan pulled up to Number Twenty-two Clover Street. A kid sat on the step, crying. The offi cers got out of their vehicle and walked toward the concrete steps that led to the house.
Pennetta, as the senior partner took the lead. “I’m looking for Julio Reyes.”
The kid sniffled. “That’s me.”
Had someone else told him about his folks?
“Why are you crying?” Dolan wasn’t the most sensitive of men.
“My parents said they’d come for me at four. The Kerrigans had to leave. I think my parents are mad at me because I didn’t want to go fishing today.” Julio wiped his nose with a tissue.
“Kid, your parents aren’t coming.”
Pennetta kicked Dolan.
“Why? All I did was ask them not to take me fishing. They couldn’t leave me because of that. I kissed them both good-bye. They didn’t look angry.” Tears poured down Julio’s cheeks.
“Your parents weren’t angry at you.” Pennetta sat down next to him on the step. “There was an accident…”
“Are they okay? When can I see them?”
The kid panicked and now he was about to deliver the killing blow.
“They drowned in Lake Ontario in the wake of a fishing trawler. We sent divers down, but we couldn’t recover the bodies. Do you have anyone you can stay with?” Dolan asked.
Pennetta kicked Dolan again and hissed, “Give the kid a chance to process what we told him.”
“I should have gone with them. They should have made me go,” Julio shouted in rage, almost hysterical. “Then I’d be with them.”
“Calm down, kid. There’s nothing you could have done. They’re gone. You have to deal.” Dolan turned toward the squad car.
Pennetta scowled at Dolan then turned to the boy. “Your name is Julio, right? We have to take you down to the station house. A social worker will be waiting there, and they’ll help you decide what to do next. It won’t be too bad.” They walked to the squad car, Julio trailing behind them.
Dolan muttered, “At least I didn’t lie to him. Fulton is going to be awful for a kid like that.” Julio sobbed behind them.
Pennetta elbowed Dolan. “Give the kid a break. At least let him grieve before he knows what’s in store for him.” He shook his head.
“Can I at least pack a bag?” Julio asked amidst his sobs.
“Yeah, we’ll take you over to your house to get some of your things. Social services will help you deal with the rest of it.”
§ § §
Julio got into the patrol car and never saw the Kerrigans again.

By the time they held a service for his mom and dad, Richard was in Chicago with his parents, and he was in a home where the boys referred to him as fresh meat. Had the Kerrigans known where they took him? If so, Richard would have at least called. With both his parents and Richard gone, he had no one.


What is your character’s name? Does the character have a nickname?  Etienne Daurensbourg

What is your character’s hair color? Eye color? Black hair, Blue eyes

What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have? Very handsome

Who are your character’s friends and family? Alexei Davidoff, Armand La Marche and the other six members of the Loup Garou Council

Where was your character born? Chicago Environs Where have they lived since then? All over the world he is one hundred thirty-nine years old, now Chicago and NYC

Where do they call home? NYC

Where does your character go when they’re angry? Reads

What is their biggest fear? Who have they told this to? That he won’t find his Mate in this incarnation

Who would they never tell this to? Anyone except Alexei Davidoff

Do they have a secret? He’s a werewolf

A little more….

When your character thinks of their childhood kitchen, what smell do they associate with it? Sauerkraut? Oatmeal cookies? Paint? Why is that smell so resonant for them?  Going to Alpha training with Armand La Marche and Alexei Davidoff he thinks of the elk they brought down together.

Your character is doing intense spring cleaning. Etienne’s housekeeper, Bianca and his factotum, Théo clean along with three helpers.

It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Etienne is sitting in his home office working on Council or Garou Corporation business.

What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting? Training to be an Alpha, a feeling a separation from others in his pack because he was born an Alpha. Also being assigned his Betas, Adrien and Gilbert. Dreaming of his Mate.

Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where will they be going? What do they wear? Who will they be with? Puts on a tuxedo to go to a charity affair for Garou as its Public Relations and Advertising Chief.

Does your character have pets? Not until Julio brings his cat.



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A.C. Katt

AC Katt: AC didn’t discover her muse until she was older. She loves to write and now writes constantly. She just moved from New Mexico back to New Jersey with her husband and her naughty cat Bandit, who lives up to his name.
Where to find the author:
Twitter: @ackatt


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Blog Tour: Struggle by Megs Pritchard


Title: Struggle
Author: Megs Pritchard
Series: Crossing Desires #2
Release Date: September 21st 2016
Genre: MM Erotic Romance



This book contains explicit M/M sexual scenes and strong language. It is intended for mature, adult audiences only.

There is a trigger scene within this book. It includes a hostage scene and leads up to but doesn’t include a rape.

The final episode in Tony and Will’s story.

After his encounter with Will, Tony was left more confused than ever. He’d never expected to experience the sensations, the pleasure that Will had brought out in him and it had excited, but confused him.

After every encounter, Tony was left more disturbed at the level of arousal that Will could create in his body. The emotional conflict Tony faced, wanting to continue and wanting to run away were tearing him apart.

Just when Tony thought he could handle and accept his attraction to a man and finally move their relationship forward, a man from his past threatens to destroy the fragile trust Tony is developing.

Will their burgeoning relationship survive and continue, or will the shadows of his past prove too much for Tony?

And Will?

Will he fight for Tony or will he walk away?

Is Tony too much trouble or a man worth waiting for?


Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK


Fuck, he had to get out of here. He grabbed his coat and walked as quietly as possible to the front door. He tried to open it but his hands kept slipping on the handle, and his vision was fucking up. Not now. He couldn’t have an attack now. He needed to escape.

Tony paused when the voices approached the door. He stared at it as he panted and squeezed his eyes shut when he noticed the door handle being turned. He opened them again when the voices moved away and went back to the front door.

A sob caught in his throat as he finally opened it and not bothering to close it he ran down the path to his jeep and opened the door. He slammed the door shut and struggled to get the keys in the ignition. He whimpered as he rubbed the back of his hand against his face, feeling the wetness there.

When he got the key in he started the engine and pulled away as fast as he could. He fumbled in his pocket for his cell and once he got it out and tried to call Zeke. He wasn’t paying any attention to the road, and it was the sound of someone’s car horn made him look up. He slammed on the brakes narrowly missing the car in front. He heard Zeke answer and as he pulled away from the car, he answered.

“Zeke, oh fuck.”

“Tony, what’s wrong?”

“He was there. He was fucking there.”

“What? Who? Where?”

“Matt was at Will’s.”

“Matt? No way, he’s still in prison.”

“He was there,” Tony managed to choke out. “I’m driving home.”

“Are you fucking insane? Pull over now and tell me where you’re at. I’ll come and get ya.” “I’m not far.” “Doesn’t matter. Stop driving now.”

Also Available:
Title: Awakening
Series: Crossing Desires #1
Release Date: March 6th 2016
Genre: MM Erotic Romance



An erotic novella. Contains homosexual relations.

Tony likes women. Always has. Always will. So when he wakes up in a strange bed after a drunken night out, he isn’t too concerned.

Thinking he’d scored with a woman from the club he’d been in the night before, he was shocked and horrified when he realized he was in a man’s bed. Naked.

What the hell happened last night?

With that question in mind, Tony quickly leaves before seeing the man he spent the night with, but in his haste leaves something important behind.

When the man he spent the night with calls him, Tony realizes that he has to meet him in order to get back what he left and that maybe he might not be as straight as he once thought.

With his brother’s help, Tony begins to question what he thought he knew about his sexuality and where the answer to that question might lead him.


Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

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About the Author

Megs Pritchard lives in England and is a mother to two small boys. When she isn’t working or being mummy, she is busy writing about complex characters that know the harsh realities of life but want a HEA.

A lover of M/M and M/F romances she believes everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and loved.

Growing up in a military family, Megs has traveled Europe and has a great deal of respect and gratitude for all the men and women who have and who still serve. Her dream job was to be a Bomb Disposal Expert and even had her own ‘kit’ when she was younger.

She is currently working on her first novella series called Crossing Desires and full length series called Second Chances.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Series Recap Blog Tour: Overly Dramatic by Rebecca Cohen

Overly Dramatic (Treading The Boards #1)  Rebecca Cohen

Author: Rebecca Cohen
Length: 41,081 words

Andy Marshall moves to London looking for a fresh start after breaking up with his long-term boyfriend. To stave off boredom from his day job as an accountant and to meet new people, Andy joins a local amateur dramatics society called the Sarky Players based in Greenwich, South London.
Despite his best efforts to avoid it, Andy is cast as one of the leads in a truly dreadful play called Whoops, Vicar, There Goes My Trousers, written by a local playwright.
The play might be bad, but the Sarky Players are a friendly bunch. Andy quickly makes new friends and finds himself attracted to Phil Cormack, a local artist helping with the props. But life doesn’t run to a script, so Andy and Phil will have to work hard to improvise their own happy ending.
Author Bio
REBECCA COHEN is a Brit abroad. Having swapped the Thames for the Rhine, she has left London behind and now lives with her husband and young son in Basel, Switzerland. She can often be found with a pen in one hand and a cup of Darjeeling in the other.

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Release Blitz: Psycops Briefs Volume 1 by Jordan Castillo Price


Title: Psycop Briefs Volume 1

Author: Jordan Castillo Price

Release Date: October 11, 2016

Length: 70,000 words


synopsisbriefs-600Victor Bayne sees dead people for a living…and he sees them off the clock, too. After all, ghosts don’t confine their appearances to a psychic medium’s work hours.

From the mundane to the macabre, these PsyCop shorts feature stolen moments between the novels. Get a glimpse of Vic’s life with Jacob between cases, from both men’s viewpoints. Gain new insight on their psychic talents by accompanying them on odd jobs, shopping runs and family visits, or simply enjoy some downtime in the cannery.

The twenty short works range in length from flash fiction to novelettes, woven together to create a novel-length narrative of Vic and Jacob’s relationship from a fresh perspective. The stories are gleaned from various sources: anthologies, newsletters, and web, with four all-new pieces to tie the collection together and delve deeper into a PsyCop’s domestic life.

Coffee O’Clock
Mind Reader
Stroke of Midnight
No Sale
Most Likely To…
Jock Straps On Sale
Piece of Cake
In the Dark
Let the Chips Fall
Everyone’s Afraid of Clowns
Waiting Game
On the Road
Off the Cuff
Locked and Loaded
Inside Out



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briefs-teasers-borders briefs-teasers-exhibitionism briefs-teaser-voice


meet the author

JCPAuthor and artist Jordan Castillo Price writes paranormal sci-fi thrillers colored by her time in the midwest, from inner city Chicago, to rural small town Wisconsin, to liberal Madison. Her influences include Ouija boards, Return of the Living Dead, “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” girls with tattoos and boys in eyeliner.

Jordan is best known as the author of the PsyCop series, an unfolding tale of paranormal mystery and suspense starring Victor Bayne, a gay medium who’s plagued by ghostly visitations. Also check out her mind-bending trilogy Mnevermind, where memories are made…one client at a time.


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