Sexy Sunday Snippets

I’ve set a romantic suspense novel in Medici Florence. This moment is taken from their years before they go to Florence. Morello is an apprentice to a local artist, some day to be an artist in his own right. Benadetto has wrongly, and teasingly, accused him of having feelings for one of the journeyman in Master Zeno’s workshop. Benadetto is currying a horse in his family’s barn where Morello seeks him out…sorry about the repeats…:(


“Benadetto.” I was struck through the heart. “How can you say that, when you know—” but I could not finish the sentence. He turned and walked towards me. Put an arm on either side of me as I leaned with my back against the wall still, my agitation simmering and my cheeks hot. He smiled, brown eyes warm and fond, crooked his elbows to bring his body slightly forward.

“When I know—what?” He brought his mouth close to mine, I could feel his breath, but not close enough. “Say it and I will give you what you want, puss.”

“When you know it’s you I have tender feelings for,” I croaked it out, puss turned to toad.

“Well, that was as easy as pulling a tooth. Now here’s your reward.” Benedetto leaned in and kissed me. It was not a brotherly kiss when the tip of his tongue licked my lip and set my body trembling. His tongue swept into my mouth, and my hips pushed against the air between us, but I did not move to take him, frozen by my need for him. “Was that what you wanted?”


“Better now?”


“Have I truly shocked you? You have no other words but yes?”

I put my hand on his neck and pulled him forward again, kissed him, wet and hot. My other hand rested on the belt around his waist and tugged. If we had but another instant, I’d have heaved him into the hay, wrestled him onto his belly and pulled his breeches from his brown muscled body, my own body covering his to make him mine.

He groaned as if he felt this, too. “Morello, I want…”

But his mother shouted his name from the house. He leaned against me, and I embraced him, though it was too brief.



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