Bookgasm: First You Fall


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Scott Sherman’s mystery First You Fall…

Wait, yes I can.

I love mysteries and found this series on the Kensington Publishing website:

Kevin Conner, a young male prostitute, befriends an older man of education and class, self-made millionaire Allen Harrington, who’s come out late in life and plans on enjoying the rest of his life as his true self. The two meet through Kevin’s escort agency, though Kevin turns out not to be Allen’s type. Kevin is cute and blond, “like the boy next door and Dennis the Menace” rolled into one, a little guy at 5′ 3″. They do strike up a friendship, and Kevin is mentored in culture and the finer things in life. When Allen’s tragic death is ruled a suicide, Kevin knows Allen was too happy to have done such a thing, that it was murder, and continues the investigation on his own. Both helping and hindering him is his former lover Tony Rinaldi, the investigating detective, and the rekindling of their romance is a fun part of the story.

The most enjoyable part of this story was Kevin’s Voice. Fully immersed in NYC club culture, his volunteer work, his family trials (during the investigation, his mother leaves his father and moves in with him, coercing him into investigating his father’s “affair”), his friendships and clients, he follows the evidence trail to the lovely kink, I mean, twist, at the end. Kevin’s observations are sexy and filled with humor, and Sherman writes in a quick punchy style, immersing the reader flawlessly into Kevin’s life.

Sherman won the 2009 Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Mystery with First You Fall. Next in the series is Second You Sin and Third You Die.


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