Our Critique Group Members

Good morning one and all!
Summer is in full swing in our corner of Maine–we extended our gardens and everything is green, blooming, and growing tall. All right, it’s not quite the solstice, and it’s still pretty chilly at night, but if the growing things don’t mind, neither do we. 🙂

I’m taking a moment to plug the work of some of our members. Kimber Vale has a recent sci-fi erotic het romance release “Star Catcher” with Liquid Silver Books.

Kimber’s blog is here: http://www.kimbervale.com/.

BD Heywood talks about her M/M erotic romance novel “Eternal Samurai” and her experiences in self-publishing. She is a guest blogger here: http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com/2013/06/down-rabbit-hole-adventures-in-yaoiland.html

Well, it’s a day to work outside sanding and repainting the porch and planting Siberian Irises for next year. Writing and gardening have a lot in common. This is a lovely post by a London gardener/writer: http://www.amandacraig.com/pages/blog_01/blog_item.asp?Blog_01ID=248

Addio, Jan


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