Happy Release Day!

“Second Skin” Genna Donaghy’s second novel, but first in this series, is released today by Musa Publishing :).

I have a special fondness for this novel, as it’s the one I read for critique purposes in a totally different group. It stood out far and beyond many of the drafts I was reading at the time, for the intelligence and wit I sensed behind the elegant prose.
So much so that I reached out and said: Come start a critique group with me. Be my mod and we’ll write hot and sexy manlove stories together…we’ll find other creatures like ourselves and write more sexy manlove stories…

Yeah, like that 😉

Here’s the link, now git over there and git it!


“Animal attraction.

Shane Kalman has looked forward to exchanging military life for a civvy job where he could freely be out of the closet, but the position he lands is nothing like he imagined.

He didn’t plan to work undercover for a corrupt detective agency, much less gathering dirt on the city’s most dangerous crime boss. And he sure as heck didn’t expect to have his mind temporarily switched with a tabby cat in order to do it.

His fellow agent, Jamison Rees, is a charmer and sometimes a German shepherd, but Shane doesn’t need animal instincts to know that he’s hiding something. When the job goes south and Shane’s brother becomes a target for the crime boss’s wrath, all evidence points to a mole in the detective agency. A dog may be man’s best friend, but is he a cat’s? Can Shane trust Jamison at all?”


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