Happy Valentine’s Day

amelia bishop



So this is a valentine story starring the main characters from my work in progress. It’s like a story-before-the-story. Set in high school when my MCs first get together…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Rick checked the display on his phone. Friday, February Fourteenth, 6:51 am. Valentine’s day. He hauled himself out of bed, pulled on a long sleeve black t-shirt and his favorite jeans. He combed his hair forward, arranged his long bangs in a point to the left of one eye, and spiked the top. A thin line of black eyeliner on his lower lids and he was ready.

In the kitchen, Rick’s mom was so busy with his little brother and sisters she barely looked up. He had time to toast an english muffin and smear it with butter before the alarm on his phone chimed, and he rushed to the bus stop.

At school, girls carried roses…

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