Online Learning or Not Writing


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The last time I sat in a university classroom was in 2000, for a course on Crusader art, literature, and history. It was fantastic, taught by a very enthusiastic medieval art professor at a small rural college in New Hampshire. The year before that, I had attended fulltime, this time, I thought, for a History degree, but alas, sometimes I have the money but not the time, and sometimes the time but not the money…

I don’t actually have either money or time right now, but I’m trying to feed my brain, and keep feeding my brain, because, at times, reading does not feel like learning.

I’ve been taking online classes through Coursera and Futurelearn

Bruce Holsinger, who wrote “A Burnable Book” presented “Plagues, Witches, and War” a very thorough course on writing historical fiction. Lots of content, online interactions with a forum, and video lectures in bite size increments. I highly recommend this course when it comes around again. He recently held a chat on Savvy Authors, too, which I couldn’t attend but if you’re interested in writing historical fiction, this is a great course:

I signed up for, but missed, the course through Futurelearn on England and Richard III but the beauty is they come around again. Right now I’m taking “Shakespeare and his World” and signed up for another “The Church and Jews in Italy,” which looks to be intense.

Through Sisters In Crime I took a great class in writing in January with Patricia Kay called “Emotional Intensity.” Not a free course but not expensive either and well worth the price with or without a membership to SIC.

Savvy Authors offered a course on writing Serials, and I like it so far.

Okay, 2000 words and then homework.

Continuing education, an inch at a time 😉

Best, Hel


photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc


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