Excerpt for Seductive Studs and Sirens Blog Hop

photo credit: Parker Knight via photopin cc

Another excerpt from “River Gods” from the Dreamspinner Press Anthology Juicy Bits:

Who are you, Beltramino? Marco had never seen the man at the baths or in the taverns where men like him congregated. It was unlikely they had mutual friends or acquaintances. He was not a youth by any means, only a few years younger than Marco’s two and thirty. His eyes were bright and his cheeks flushed as if he had a fever, but Marco knew it for what it was—attraction and the sexual heat that was growing between them. It would be a complicated trap indeed, if his enemies were lurking near, ready to spring upon him the moment he took Beltramino into his arms. Absurd, but that was how he felt.
Marco was curious, but like most matters of this nature, it was best not to ask and bring more danger to a dangerous endeavor. Perhaps Beltramino was one of those reformed men who sought the friendship of suspected sodomites, only to turn them over to the authorities. No, Beltramino was too old for that—youths and boys were the honey to sweeten that trap.
Still, his instincts for self-preservation were strong. He was not in a familiar place with trusted companions. He was not at the baths, and the hunt for him continued.

Here’s the hop:

Damn the notice #SeductiveSnS #gay #romance #erotica #spanking


Best, Heloise West

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