Weekend Writing Warriors/First Timer

Greetings Writer Warriors!

This is an excerpt from one of my WIPs, an M/M Romance/Fantasy called “Remember Me in Shadow” :

Meryk watched him beg on the street in the smallest and unfriendliest village in Apothyca. The bowman offered nothing but cupped palm, great bruised eye, and an empty quiver. Yesterday he stood in that same place with conies and skins, but Meryk knew the young man, between then and sunset now, had his ass kicked and lost everything to the winner.

Meryk, who had no qualms about a man’s coin and his cock, stopped watching the begging man and entered the tavern for his dinner and drink. The bowman stood tall, anyway; no skulking about the alleys waiting for a wink or a nod, like Meryk. Who now sat on a stool inside the tavern and out of the cold, had bread and stew, and a lass to sit on his lap for a little while until she saw he was as poor as she was and offered almost the same goods.

He fell asleep, head on the bar until the barman shook him roughly awake and pointed towards the door. Snow falling again. Another lonely night by the fire awaited him.



Where else you can find them: http://www.wewriwa.com/


9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/First Timer

  1. Meryk isn’t doing so much better than the man out on the street… but he seems unsure whether he’s made the better choice or not. Food, or pride?

    Like the strong voice in this snippet!


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