Diary of a Dirty Gardener

Now that I’ve lured you here, come look at my garden!

Sunday was one of those absolutely perfect days in Maine–the days we dream about and yearn for through January and February. And March and April. And some of May. Okay, most of May this year. Blue, blue skies, some puffy clouds traveling elsewhere, and a hundred shades of green. A slight breeze kept the black flies and no-seeums out of my face.

Click for a closer look:

Geraniums and something–I’m embarrassed that I threw the tag away…
Dianthus–I’ve had this annual for about 5 years.

And a little of what will be:

And a hosta, with impatiens in the foreground.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a Dirty Gardener

  1. looking good! Saturday was gorgeous here, too (I’m a bit south of you, in RI) This winter was rough, but that kind of winter makes you really appreciate weekends like the one we just had. 🙂


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