Weekend Writing Warriors #5


Greetings Weekend Warriors!

I missed last week due to our staycation at Casa West–we sanded floors and did a much needed cleanup.

Not much writing got done, but the house looks great.

I pledge to get around to more blogs from now on, though it will take me into next week.

Here’s the next excerpt from “Remember Me in Shadow”:

BTW, I’ve added a WWW page so you can read the previous entries.


As gently as he could, Meryk said, “No. But I’ve a fire at my camp in the woods.”

“It’s too wet for a fire,” the other scoffed.

 “They don’t like strangers much here. Good luck.” Meryk turned and walked away; with a sigh, Saith followed. Inwardly smiling, Meryk said, “What happened to your arrows?”

“Stolen. My conies and skins, too.”

“Blacked your eye good. Does it hurt?”

“Three against one. Just for fun, hey?”



2 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #5

  1. Such an interesting story, very melancholy. I’m consumed with wondering why the hero is taking such a interest in the down and out archer – enjoying the snippets very much. Can’t wait for more.


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