Book Review: Less Than All

Publisher: Lime Time Press

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Review of “Less than All” by Lee Brazil

I love historical fiction, so I was happy to have the chance to review this Regency romance. I loved the novella up until the first chapter of the third part. Lee Brazil’s writing is strong and professional, with a historical tone that is accessible to everyone, in my opinion. I’m not a fan of the Regency era, full disclosure, but when it’s good, it’s good. So, this was good.

Lord Victor Ware, uptight, driven, observes his younger brother and his friend in a carnal embrace in the hayloft. Not a stranger to male company himself, he is attracted to his brother’s friend Nicky Danville. During his stay with the Ware’s, we learn that it’s Victor Nicky has his sights on, but after seeing them in the hayloft, Victor banishes Nicky from their home.

But Victor cannot forget Nicky and Nicky Danville cannot forget Lord Ware and when they meet again two years later, their affair finally begins, a long slow love chase. It comes to a screeching halt when Victor demands no less than all from a reluctant Nicky. Love and sex, real sex, not kisses and hand jobs in hidden corners and gardens at the various homes of the ton.

Up until this point, I had five hearts in mind, but part III disappointed me. It opened in the point of view of Gilbert, an innkeeper, and jolted me out of the previous smooth telling of the story. I can’t tell you the rest of it, because I won’t spoil it, but I was unhappy with the handling of the story resolution, and felt it was overly done.

When Nicky and Victor finally do get together, it’s hot and sweet and well done, but not quite enough to coerce me back to five hearts.

less than all


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