Sunday Book Binge

Huzzah for pay day!


So this is what is waiting for me on my e-reader this morning:

Fyn Alexander “Knightly Love” from Loose Id, because, well, medieval knights.

Alex Beecroft “Reluctant Berserker” from Samhain. 8th century.

Charlene Newcombe “Men of the Cross” from Blue X Entertainment. Crusading knights, Third Crusade, and though not a romance, has a gay character at the center of it.

JP Kenwood “Dominus” self-pubbed. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get to this! Sexy Romans!

David Blixt “Master of Verona” from Sordelet Ink. Not gay romance, but, hey, the Renaissance.

I thought I was going to stick with the historical theme, and then I saw a blurb for Angel Martinez’s “Hell for the Company.” Angels, Demons, and Aliens…promises to be fun 😉 Addendum: It was fun, I read it during the cocktail hour last night, gin and tonic in hand.

What I read this past week:

KJ Charles “Think of England” from Samhain. Edwardian, not paranormal. Brilliant wit, sharp prose and plotting and, good heavens, Daniel….

Pearl Love (I just love that name) “Uncertain Customer” from Dreamspinner. Regency novella. I love Ms. Love’s writing–rich, vivid, and soaked in sensuality. Great story! Addendum: And a sequel is on its way 🙂

I’m re-reading Steven Saylor’s Gordianius the Finder series. I’m partway through Joseph Hansen’s “The Boy Who Was Buried this Morning.”

My current book lust is for the newest from Gabaldon’s Outlander series: Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. Love her work, love Lord John 🙂

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