Review: Unexpected Trust by Silvia Violet

Unexpected Trust is the sequel to Unexpected Rescue by Silvia Violet. In Unexpected Rescue, Sport was a secondary character. Unexpected Trust is his story.

Facing the fallout from FBI agent Sport’s actions in UR means taking on a dangerous assignment both he and his boss find suspicious, at best. But the assignment is the one he’s been waiting for, a chance to bring down the cartel that destroyed his SEAL team and then had gone after his friend Jackson in the previous book. His assignment entails looking for a man, a spy, named Danny O’Sullivan, whom his boss tells him is possibly involved with the cartel.

It certainly makes Danny O’Sullivan a happy man when his informant tells him the FBI is sending a particular agent after him. He’s had the hots for Sport since he walked into Danny’s club and simply cannot forget him.

I love a good Spy versus Spy story and this one certainly rocked my world. Silvia Violet’s prose is tight and clear. I fell in love with her style in Unexpected Rescue—like a good noir style, precise and spare. We need that to find our way through the labyrinth of distrust that Sport and Danny lead us through. It’s not only the assignment that is difficult, but the labyrinth of emotional layers both men have to work through, but, I think, especially Danny, who hasn’t seen his true self in a long while.

“When Sport got up and left, Danny shivered. Why was it so cold? Oh, right. He’d been cold ever since he’d started working for the CIA. All the heat he pretended to give off when he was flirting, even when he was fucking, was fake. Inside, he was ice cold. The last thing he needed was Sport trying to thaw him. Because when Sport left, Danny would be warm and cozy and defenseless. And that would get him killed.” Unexpected Trust, Silvia Violet

Addy and Jackson are back, the main characters from Unexpected Rescue. Jackson is part of Sport’s support team and Addy the innocent civilian with unexpected resilience. Danny calls on his own support team to help keep Addy safe, and this nearly backfires when the shit hits the fan.

Angst, hot bruising sex, a fake Irish accent, and a “toppy top.” A full-blooded story about love and the possibilities in redemption.

My rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤




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