Review of Satyr’s Lure by Anya Richards

Book Review: Satyr’s Lure

Anya Richards


Summer in the high mountain pastures, in the shadow of ancient Greece’s Mount Parnassus, is usually Iason’s favorite time of year. A time when he feels happiest, surrounded by nature and free to take a lover from among the other shepherds. But this year he’s chosen his companion poorly and the resulting scars, of both body and soul, have left him questioning his worth. It is only in the arms of the enigmatic and enthralling stranger Telesphoros, who rescues him from a storm, that Iason begins to heal. Yet the secrets both men hide overshadow the magic of their encounter, and foreshadow the heartache to come.

This novella is set amongst the villages and pastures of ancient Greece. A man out of myth rescues Iason from his sadistic lover. It’s so well written, I can almost smell the sheep, woodsmoke, and wild thyme. Strong in detail and emotion, Anya Richards is also the master of the present tense, which can ruin an otherwise good story for me if done badly. Her writing has an evocative voice from the ancient mountains where Iason and Telesphoros encounter each other.

Ah, so now you know, one of my kinks is excellent writing, and Anya Richards does it for me.

This is a story about finding your way to your inner heart and soul and to knowing what you want. It’s also a story about the path of healing, which is sometimes a full circle. Iason’s trials and tribulations have him fleeing into a storm. He encounters Telesphoros who gives him temporary shelter and a glimpse of a better life with a better man than the one he is running from. The sex between them is red hot and transcendent. Yet Telesphoros has secrets, too, which must be kept secret, and he sends Iason away from him.

Iason must find the inner strength to return to Telesphoros and the lure of love.

I love stories about survivors, and Iason and Telesphoros’s story really resonated with me. Plot, characters, and writing kept me firmly engaged in the story without a single misstep.

Even though it’s a novella, I did not find it a fast read because I wanted to linger in this world the author created with a writing style to savor.

My rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤





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