Waterwitch by Amelia Bishop


I smiled. Sneaky Fae. “Whatever.” I closed my eyes and took my time centering myself again. When the vision came—a picture of us arguing, his face red and frustrated, me throwing my hands up angrily—I almost lost my hold on the sight I was so shocked. I opened my eyes, and took a few deep breaths before looking at Salil.



“If you don’t want to tell me the vision, tell me the feelings. Interpret it.”

Shit. “I was angry.”

He raised his brows as if he expected more.

I tried to relive the emotions from the vision, to let the feelings pass through me again and monitor my reactions to them. I felt love. With passion and need and frustration, sure, but love, over and through it all. I looked at him and shook my head. Not telling you that. “I think you will continue to be a pain in my ass for a long time, Fae.”

He laughed, and I wondered if he knew what I’d actually seen, or felt.

“Try another.”

“I don’t need a coach, you know.”

“You have one anyway. Continue.”

Fuck. I wanted to go inside and have a beer, maybe go for a swim, not sit here and get interpretation-lessons from my Fae crush. But saying no wasn’t an option. I looked weak enough already. “Fine.”


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