Review: Spaghetti Western by Em Lynley

My rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Poor Riley. You know what’s going to be waiting for him when he finishes his long drive across country. A new job and a new life with his boyfriend, right? Riley has completed his courses at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and is looking forward to working at an exclusive resort in Aspen, Colorado.

When he walks in on his boyfriend cheating on him, all his plans come crashing down. He needs a new job and a place to live, and his car is on its last breath. The rest of Aspen is not exactly Le Cordon Bleu country. But there are cowboys to soothe his broken heart. Lots of cowboys.

Colby is trying to forget his troubles, too. His family has turned part of the working ranch into a dude ranch, offering the authentic cowboy experience to vacationers craving bunkhouses and barbecue. This side of the ranch was meant to financially shore up the working ranch, but it’s starting to look like they’ll need to revise their plans and take more drastic measures.

Little did he know that when Colby saved a very drunk city slicker in shiny new cowboy boots that Riley was going to be just the thing the ranch, and his heart, needed.

Oh, but you know EM Lynley isn’t going to make it easy for them.

I’ve read two other of the author’s books, the mystery/suspense titles “Out of the Gate” and “Bound for Trouble” (reviewed here: . This is the first book in the Delectable series I’ve read, so I need to look for more of these, because I really enjoyed this one. The level of character complexity, detail, and emotional depth is still there, without becoming overwhelming.

Riley needs a job, quick. He cannot return to his Boston Brahmin family with his tail between his legs. You know it’s coming: Riley is hired at Colby’s ranch in an effort to raise the dude ranch side of it to the next level, luring more moneyed folks there with their Le Cordon Bleu chef. Yet the author gets us here by slowly revealing the inner and outer landscapes of the story and the two lovers, pulling us deeper into the story with every word. She works hard for our attention, and it’s worth it.

The sex is at first hot and a much needed release for both with moments of sweet and tender that evolves and deepens their relationship.

I admire EM Lynley’s ability to complicate the situation not just for the MCs, but the people close to them. Getting them over the roadblocks to their HEA is a fascinating read.

Did I mention there are recipes???

And, I love the title. 😀

Best, Hel


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