Review: Red Dirt Heart by NR Walker

Review: Red Dirt Heart by NR Walker

My rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This novella has a lot of charm and cowboys. I loved the Dickensian subheadings to the chapters and that it was set in Australia. The details of daily life on the station really come to life.

Charlie is the boss of Sutton Station, which he inherited from his homophobic father. Travis is an exchange student from Texas. Charlie has a lot of reasons to fight his attraction to Travis, and Travis, far from home and with a star tattooed over his heart, has none. The setting and Charlie’s worries balance the slightly predictable plot.

Unfortunately, I found myself editing in my head as I read the story. Tighter prose and more control over the first person point of view would have earned the fifth heart. I really liked Charlie’s voice, but Travis’s character seemed overwhelmed by all the detail.

I’m looking forward to more in the series 🙂 It was difficult not to like this story.

Best, Hel

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