Review: Just Stay by Aria Grace


My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

I must say, and I’m sorry to say, I was not as taken by this next story in the More than Friends series. “Just Stay” lacked the charm of “Choosing Happy.” But, there’s a reason.

The story picks up from one of the last scenes in Choosing Happy. Steve has set up Topher to take a much-deserved fall to keep his “little duck” safe. Dylan is one of Topher’s body guards and Spencer is the pretend “art dealer” Steve brought in to help with his sting operation.

In the end of Choosing Happy and beginning of Just stay, Dylan is shot and lands in Spencer’s arms. From there Dylan begins to rebuild his life and gets more emotionally involved with Spencer, and then the story takes on a more suspenseful aspect as Dylan’s business is infiltrated and Spencer’s computer business gets nearly hacked into.

I couldn’t get involved with this story because of the way it was told. In Choosing Happy, the present tense was smoothly done. Just Stay uses the present tense, but it’s chopped up because of the alternating POV characters, Dylan and Spencer. Both POVs are use the first person present tense, and there isn’t enough room for character development to really connect with either one.

Fans of the series will like this next installment, but if you are new to this series, best not to start here, in my humble opinion.


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