Promo: Readers and Writers Historical LGBTQ Yahoo Group



Dear Readers and Writers Historical of LGBTQ Romance:

My hopes for this group is that it will bring together both readers and writers of historical gay romance to both promote and talk about the books, eras, people, and places we love.

I’m reluctant to make this a facebook group, simply because it’s harder to regulate. I’ve left some groups that weren’t promotion groups and which were over run by promo. I don’t want this historical promotion group overtaken by contemporary promo, if you get my drift. I’m modeling this a bit on Dawn Roberto’s Love Romance Café yahoo group. Both readers and writers are welcome to join and authors are encouraged to promo old and new historical gay romance releases.

I’d like to take this yahoo history group a step further. I’d love for readers of historical LGBTQ romance who join the group to be able to find new and old books and authors. I’d love for authors to promo their work in a way that readers can search by era.

So for promotional subject headings for author promo all I ask is that you organize it like so:

Promo: Regency, Author Name

You should add the subgenre: Paranormal, alternative history, Medieval fantasy, Steampunk….

In the body of the email, place all the promo info. I’m not sure what the cutoff for Yahoo emails are, but if they get too long, Yahoo will truncate them, so try to keep blurbs etc to 1500 words.

All variations of Historical Romance are welcome here. Non-Romance historicals are also welcome as long as the main character is LGBTQ.

I encourage members to conversation as long as the topic is history or historical romance related.

I anticipate a slow start, so for now, and to get used to how things actually work versus how I think they will work, we’ll promo two days a week, Monday and Thursday. This means when you sign up for the group, you’ll get a daily digest with email promo updates from the group, but you won’t be inundated with updates.

If you have questions, feel free to ask any day of the week. But promos uploaded on any days other than Monday and Thursday will be deleted.

You can contact me on facebook: or here:

This link will take you to the about page, and there is a “join this group” button:

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