Pre-Release Review: Dirty Dining by EM Lynley


My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Two men, who at first glance have absolutely nothing in common, fall in love under odd circumstances…

Jeremy is a grad student on fellowship working toward his PhD in biochemistry and struggling to make ends meet as he works on an HIV vaccine. His research and lab work hold much promise. A man approaches him, compliments his looks, and offers him a job just to take off his clothes at the Dinner Club. He figures it’s just a scam, but his car got bashed in a month ago, and he used the insurance money to pay his other bills. Jeremy becomes intrigued about making a lot of money for two hours work, leaving him more time for his research. With trepidation, he enters the world of “Dirty Dining.”

I had a little trepidation in the beginning myself. On further reading, this story wasn’t much like “Spaghetti Western” or “Out of the Gate,” both books I enjoyed very much. This is an erotic romance that starts out as decadent as a Roman orgy—well, almost. Once I got past my initial shock, I was in all the way, though. The author is a masterful storyteller and the story of Remy and his client Mr. Green at the Dinner Cub had me hooked.

Brice is a patent lawyer who is invited to the Dinner Club by a junior partner at the firm where he works. He’d heard things about the club, and he’s shy when it came to licentiousness, voyeurism, or paying for sex, so he’s pretty awkward and unsure at first. Each diner is assigned a color; thus Mr. Green is born. The color matches a “boy,” an adult male server assigned to him, and Mr. Green is assigned Jeremy, or as he calls himself at the club, Remy.

Both men are feeling awkward their first night at the Dinner Club, falling into sexual roles that are at first more business related than personal. Remy wants to do well and Mr. Green finds himself going along with the night more easily than he expected with Remy to lead him.

The ensuing romance between them, with San Francisco as the backdrop, is sweet and tentative as it builds. Jeremy begins to leave Remy behind. Brice allows Jeremy into his life and heart in a way he’s never let another man before. The role-playing scenes are hot, adding depth to the characters and their relationship.

The complications begin when business collides with pleasure, and Brice’s venture capital company threatens to pull the plug on Jeremy’s research. The complications are believable and compelling and add another layer to this very sexy love story.


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