Meandering about the internet this morning as one does, I came across my own first book, Hitting Black Ice, on a pirate site. After the initial shock, I faced a dilemma. The boyfriend, who had a work-from-home morning, said, “Go after ‘em.” And I wanted to, I really, really wanted to send an outraged message to the person who placed the reward and the person who fulfilled it, the site, and the ebook pirates in general. (It’s not a site where the files are held, but a portal, a forum.) I’ve read many, many author accounts of how they’ve dealt with pirates, and yeah, the first urge is to fight, at least on principle. Or hire something like “Muso,” which, for a fee, does the fighting for you.

They are here, and I have not ruled them out as a service in the future:

I belong to this group, too:

What stops me is that not only have they stolen the work, but they’ve stolen my time. I don’t won’t to give them any more of my time. What I’ve learned from those authors who have been fighting this battle far longer is that it’s like shoveling shit against the tide. I am not saying it’s okay, I am not ever going to say that, but I’m picking my battles today, and the big battle for me is to keep writing and publishing, fuck the pirates.

I’m not giving up. Kindle Unlimited, pirates, a glutted market, I’m not giving up. Now, back to some sexy 18th century manlove and the sequel to Hitting Black Ice…


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