Review: A Bond of Three by KC Wells



My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


A Bond of Three by KC Wells

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Three-way relationships are difficult to manage and write about properly, in a way that’s not confusing or overdone or just plain wrong. KC Wells does an excellent job of developing the relationship between Tanish, prince of Teruna, his concubine Feyar, and their third, Sorran, the prince of Vancor.

In order to forge an alliance against a nearby kingdom that threatens the peace of Teruna, the royal family from Vancor visits with King Feolin of Teruna, Tanish’s father. King Feolin is also dying, so it behooves him to make sure his kingdom is secure by arranging a marriage between his own heir and the prince of Vancor. Tanish loves Freyar, though it is forbidden to form an emotional attachment with a concubine. To add more confusion to the mix, Sorran’s father arranges for the best concubine in the city to teach him the ways of pleasure, and this is Freyar, Tanish’s love. Despite the fact they must go along with what the King wants, Freyar and Tanish do as they must, but leave Sorran out emotionally and whenever they can.

But Sorran is too easy to love. He’s kind hearted and sweet, loves his parents, the King and Queen, and wants only to love and be loved in return. He has odd, prophetic dreams and spells, though, and he takes the symbols that come from them and has them tattooed on his body. As the three spend more time together, they begin the bonding process on many levels…

Annnnd, the three-way sex is hot, made all the more by the initiation of Sorran to the pleasures of the flesh, the deepening of their emotions, by their fears for Freyar (who could face banishment), and the prophecies that are coming alive before their eyes.

The plot is an elegant tangle, the main characters likable (and did I say sexy?) as their personalities unfold. This story was a pleasure to read.


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