Review: Wild and Precious by C Jane Elliot

 Wild and Precious

 My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Wild and Precious C Jane Elliot

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Poor Brent. The more women his friends set him up with, the more he feels he’ll never meet the right one. A few conversations hanging out with his gay boss Graham and Brent begins to see what the answer to his problem might be. He’s attracted to Graham, who is in a relationship and his boss, so Brent decides to explore bisexual, maybe even gay as his true nature. He changes his profile on and meets Cody, who changes his life.

As time goes on, though, Brent isn’t in love with Cody. He’s in love with Graham, whom he can never have. It’s painful to read through this aspect of the story, but in a good way—it has to end happily, doesn’t it?

This is a well crafted story about finding yourself and finding, and keeping, love.

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