Review: A Barlow Lens by Elizabeth Noble

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

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I loved this book!

It’s the middle of triple crown season in the horse-racing circuit, and Val’s horse has just won at Pimlico, the second jewel in the triple crown. His partner Wyatt and he are celebrating and making plans when Wyatt gets a call from the US Marshal’s office to do some consulting investigative work.

Here’s where I wished I’d read the first book in the series, but I wasn’t lost in the plot and characters, so this can be read standalone. I will be picking up the first book, Run for the Roses, very soon. 😀 I immediately loved the characters and the author’s style and would love to see how these two met.

The person who recommended Wyatt for the job is his former partner in insurance investigation, Kevin Fells. Wyatt used to be married to his brother Jack, but Jack died. Because the men had been estranged, Wyatt finds the recommendation somewhat odd, but when he learns who instigated the investigation, it makes more sense to him. Kevin’s wife Lily wants Wyatt to look into an old arson that her uncle was involved in. She feels he was innocent and wants to clear his name, though he died in the fire back in 1927.

Very promising setup that delivers and kept me totally engaged in the story.

Through the Barlow lens, a telescope, we see back into 1927 and to the true events through Lily’s uncle’s eyes. But back in the present, Kevin’s estrangement is quickly boiling over into something more dark and violent and Wyatt and Val are in his path.

This is a great mystery/suspense, and I highly recommend this to fans of stories with partner sleuths who solve crimes together. I’ll definitely be reading more Elizabeth Noble. 😀


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