Giveaway and Valentine Flash Fiction (02/14/15)



Six Days Until the Valentine Flash Blog Hop

Five great flash fiction authors

For you (heh, see what I did there?).

Free (rhymes with three, anyway) flash fiction and a chance to win ebooks from every blog on the hop…

Two prizes from me: an e-copy of Hitting Black Ice and a handmade rainbow suncatcher with swarovski crystals, the largest 18mm. It’s about a foot long, Valentine and LGBTQ themed with rainbow crystals and a single heart-shaped red crystal at the bottom. Oh, wait, here’s Ivy to model….


IMG_0654 Now you can see the heart…

First chapter of Hitting Black Ice is at the top of the blog, if you want to take a peek first.

I’ll post a rafflecopter link on Valentine’s Day with the flash and leave it up for the week so everyone has a chance to read the stories on our Hop of Love. 😀 Each blog is handling their giveaway their own way. We hope you come and read our stories and enter the Giveaways!

Love, Heloise West (and Ivy)


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