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It’s the first time in a long time I’ve participated in a Sexy Saturday, and I’m glad to be joining in again.

The theme is new lovers or lovers reunited, as in the old song “Kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me once again, it’s been a long, long time…”

This is seven paragraphs from my completed novel set in Medici Florence, a romance and a murder mystery, which is on submission.  The scene is in the master painter Morello’s workshop, and he is falling hard for sexy Benedetto, who is not one to miss an opportunity. Well,  the shoe will be on the other foot for Benedetto soon…

Seven paragraphs from “Ardent Fire” :

As the younger man stood and walked toward Morello, Benedetto pulled his shirt off to reveal skin, bone, and muscle as sharply defined as a sculpture. Morello had lusted for that body, dripping with river water, as they sunned themselves on the bank, and desire struck him hard again. Benedetto stopped to kick off one shoe, then the other. He bent his long body to the floor and lay on his back at Morello’s feet, sprawled there on the scarred boards as if his bones had turned to liquid. Elbows propped the upper half of his body, the muscles in his stomach flexing. He crooked his knees up and let them fall open. The movement tugged the untied waist of his hose down along the line of slightly darker golden hair that buried itself in the tantalizing border of fair curls.

“Are you a fool, Morello?”

Benedetto’s long fingers brushed the honey-gold hair of his chest. His eyes on Morello, he slid the palm of his hand across a flat belly. When he reached the top of his hose, he stopped, and played with the laces that tied the braguette to his hose and covered his cock. He shifted, and his hips pumped the air once. His head fell back, his browned throat long and naked. Benedetto released a smiling, shuddering sigh.

“There is such a fire in your eyes, when you look at me.” He stroked his cock as it strained upward under the cloth.

Morello, for the first time in his life, was struck dumb.

Thank God, he didn’t need to speak. He grasped the man on the floor by the arm and hoisted him to his feet. Morello embraced Benedetto and expelled his own shuddering sigh. Benedetto’s lips fell to his in sharp hungry kisses that Morello deepened with flicks and thrusts of his tongue. The blood roared through Morello’s veins as he ground his hips against Benedetto’s and clapped his hands to the other’s buttocks to pull him closer. Still not close enough, he wound his fingers in the golden lengths of hair and broke the kiss. He pulled Benedetto’s head back. “I’m not a fool.”

Benedetto laughed. “You haven’t quite convinced me, yet. Keep trying, though.” He put a hand to Morello’s cock with a sweet, provocative smile. “Have you a bed, master? That might convince me.”


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