Weekend Warriors: The Burning Sky

My apologies for running late this morning…

Greetings to the Weekend Warriors http://www.wewriwa.com/ and visitors!


This is a WIP titled “The Burning Sky.” Oddly, for me, it’s a steampunk tale set in the US, late in the 19th century.


After I had barely escaped with my life and the life I’d been sent to save, the open road welcomed me back. Summer in the Northeast Kingdom was in full reign.

Hells, the open road was a lover’s embrace tempered with my relief and a grateful heart. Warm fingers of summer wrapped in my hair, licked hot clouds of heat into my ears, and filled my eyes with endless emerald hills to travel along side meadows that danced with buzzing, fleeting life.

We followed the summer road alone today, the Penelope and I, a sweet little workhorse of a steam coach with fat tires to manage the dirt packed roads and that also hauled my home behind it on a hitch. I kept a sharp eye for a good place to camp, as it was getting to be late afternoon. I pressed a button and the roof cranked down, folding like a concertina, which reminded me of sea shanties, so I opened my mouth to sing over the putt-putt of the Penelope.

The first note died in my throat.

“What the hells is that?”


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