Review: A Shot of J&B by Lou Sylvre

A Shot of J&B 400x600

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Title: A Shot of J&B

Series: From the Vasquez and James series, this is Book One in The Next Generation.

Author: Lou Sylvre

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release date: March 16, 2015

This an excellent story about the romance between Brian and Jackie, six years after the events in the book “Finding Jackie,” the third in the Vasquez and James series. In essence, young Jackie was kidnapped and tortured, and Brian was a member of the team that rescued him. Six years later, they meet again and begin a tentative romance, one that is long distance and excruciatingly sensitive for a number of reasons. Jackie is working on his master’s degree in forensic psychology on the west coast of the US. Brian works for Scotland Yard in London. Jackie is also the nephew of Vasquez, Brian’s old boss. Brian is a Dom, and Jackie is on the brink of discovering himself as a submissive.

I’m not a big fan of D/s stories, but I am when they are written well, and I think I’ve discovered a new kink of my own—sweet kink. I found the D/s scenes here to be elegantly done and with a new dimension for me, Shibari. The long distance romance is never easy, yet they are able to work through the issues that come up, though the author always makes them work for it. When Jackie is admitted to a master’s program in London, they are finally able to eliminate the long distance issue, but another problem has cropped up. Brian has been working a case where a psychopath, fascinated by fear, has finally murdered someone, and the psychopath’s next target is Jackie.

I am definitely going to read the other books in this series. I love fast-paced mysteries and suspense, though some of the time the romance just seems to get in the way, and visa versa, but this novel is a graceful blend of all the elements.

A shot of J&B is Brian’s alcohol of choice, but it’s also a play on Jackie and Brian striking out on their own. 😉

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