Our Sexy Tomorrow : Ardent Fire



Good Morning, welcome to My Sexy Saturday at casa velvetpanic!

This is a romance/mystery/suspense novel set in Medici Florence and captures the moment Morello and Benedetto meet for the first time. As it’s a romance, the reader should assume they have a tomorrow together, but it takes a while for them to get there. 🙂 This scene takes place in an artist’s workshop outside of Florence, in the countryside, in the summer of 1475.


From Chapter One, Ardent Fire:

“Who’s the beauty with the master?” Donato stood at the window yawning and scratching his stomach. He shaded his eyes for a better look into the misty glare of the afternoon.

Donato’s fellow journeyman Primo jumped to his feet and crowded against Morello in the doorway. “Can it be? He’s brought Tagliaferro?”

Donato groaned. “The man you’ve been mooning about since you last went to Florence, Primo? You’ve only just finally shut up about him.”

Morello ignored them. His irritation over his interrupted walk had vanished. Primo’s garlic and onion-laden breath on his neck registered only remotely as he gazed out at the man from Florence. Morello stepped out into the sunlight that appeared to pour itself over this golden-haired Tagliaferro, to whom Morello stretched his hand out in greeting. Maintaining frank eye contact, Tagliaferro adjusted the packs and took his hand.

When flesh met flesh, Morello stumbled—at least, his heart did. As if the wind from the beating wings of the love-inspiring putti he had painted just this morning pushed them together.

“Benedetto Tagliaferro,” the man from Florence said.

“Welcome. I’m Master Morello,” he replied. “Just—Morello.” He held Benedetto’s gaze a moment longer, heart pounding.


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One thought on “Our Sexy Tomorrow : Ardent Fire

  1. Very nice snippet. Shows just how good looking that Tagliaferro is. Thanks for sharing, Heloise, and being part of My Sexy Saturday.


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