#8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #2



Hello Weekend Writing and Reading Warriors!

I just started posting this story; though I am knee deep in another WIP, I’m trying to keep this one close by. Steampunk Romance.

This is the link for the first installment: https://velvetpanic2.wordpress.com/2015/03/15/weekend-warriors-the-burning-sky/


#2 The Burning Sky

I pulled off my goggles, caught up to the object in question, and slowed the steam coach down for a better look. “Are you on your own then, wee beastie?” I called out to it over the low hiss of the engine, the snap and crack of tires on the dirt road.

The beastie, a mechanical, had a metal ovoid body and long arachnid-jointed legs—I counted eight, though some might have been antennae. It hopped, skipped, and pulled itself along the side of the road, sunlight flashing off all that metal like a coded signal. Dusty and dinged, grit and the gods knew what else had likely lodged into its pipes and movable parts.

I pulled the Penelope to the side of the road behind it, put the car in park, and hid the crank in the woods in case anyone came along. I followed the beastie on foot for a time, and then caught up with it.


Here’s the link to great authors and their bits! http://www.wewriwa.com/2015/03/weekend-writing-warriors-8sunday-032215.html

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