#8sunday, Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #3


Welcome Weekend Readers and Writers


The Burning Sky #3:

Every few steps, it made a hissing melancholy noise that sounded very much like human frustration. Once it sat very still for quite a few moments while I waited patiently for it to do something else, but got its legs under it again, and walked on.

“What could you be?” I wondered aloud, half afraid to approach it further.

Sometimes the mechanicals can tell a body, but not this one. The beastie kept to its determined peregrination as if it had a destination in mind.

Curiosity pushed against my common sense, coupled with my lack of funds—I hadn’t been paid for a few of my past jobs, and was just getting by, thankful for summer’s bounty in the woods and fields and that I was a good shot. Perhaps the mechanical was lost and the owner would pay a handsome reward; or ransom, if its owner lacked courtesy and generosity.

“Perhaps a messenger? But why make you crawl? Have your wings broken off?”



5 thoughts on “#8sunday, Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #3

  1. Amalie March 29, 2015 / 9:18 am

    Hmm, I am very intrigued. You’ve got me asking questions and wanting more. Awesome! 🙂


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