Push Back

A great reason to donate to LGBT causes–give someone a happy ending!

Elin Gregory

Sometimes even the calmest of people get annoyed and that has happened recently in the LGBTTAQI fiction community. The news that a family run pizza business has received over a million $ from like minded bigots after being criticised for refusing to serve LGBTTAQI customers was so startling, infuriating and ridiculous, that several writers had a chat and decided to put their ire to good use. Invitations were issued, word spread and the initial group were soon joined by writers bloggers, designers, and publishing companies – in all two hundred and twenty four individuals – all of whom agreed that they too were just a little peeved and felt something should be done.

Now obviously there’s nothing to be done directly about the pizza parlour’s spectacular windfall but we can do a charity fund raiser of our own.

Click on the graphic to be taken to the master post where…

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