Sexy Me Twice, #MSS89, @Mysexysaturday: WIP Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses


Welcome back to the 89th My Sexy Saturday!

See the list below for awesome authors and their sexy saturdays 😀

Here’s Hunter and Alex again in the aftermath of trouble…

Alex wasn’t sure with all the water running down them, but there might have been some tears. Too tired to hold them back, he guessed. He soaped up Hunter’s hair, hair that he had fallen in love with when they first met. Longer back then, curling and thick, he always pushed it out of his face as he sneaked little glances at Alex with those curious gray eyes while they worked their shift at St. Peg’s.

Hunter moaned his pleasure as Alex massaged his scalp, limp and compliant as a rag doll, the washcloth over his eyes to keep the soap out of them. Once he had rinsed all the soap out of Hunter’s hair, Alex took the washcloth, soaped it up with the sandalwood body wash, and ran it up and down his arms and sides, armpits and back, across his butt and down his legs. Alex made him turn so he could soap his way back up Hunter’s body. Hunter grabbed his hand when he got to his cock.

“I had a catheter. Still a little sore.”

Alex kissed his soft prick gently.

Hunter smiled. “My belly hurts, too.”

Alex kissed his flat belly, right beside his belly button, then stood. “Where else?”



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