#8Sunday, Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #7



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The Burning Sky #7

Lords of the Sky, it could be anything—an assassin, a broken messenger, a bomb, or a rich child’s toy. And me being me, Jonnie the Gypsy King, former first engineer of the decommissioned airship Helios and curious as a herd of cats, I became a cog in the mechanical’s story.


I trotted back to the Penelope, fetched the crank, and got her running again. I double checked the hitch, rattled the door of my caravan to ensure it was locked and slid behind the wheel of the steam coach. I drove a little ahead of the mechanical and rolled to a stop. No one but the dingus and I had been on the road for hours. Looking both ways, east to west, no one else moved, by car or horse cart, on this sleepy Sunday afternoon. I picked up the mechanical and deposited it in the front seat of the car, where I’d previously laid a cloth to protect her interiors. Behind the wheel once more, we got underway.


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