#MSS90@mysexysaturday: Hitting Black Ice


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday #90


Today’s theme is:

“Sexy Me Down and this is like doubling down in gambling. We’re sure you wonder what we mean but just look up what the term double down means…to double or significantly increase a risk, investment or other commitment. Hmmm…now think about lovers who are committing their all but not quite sure the other is committing the same amount.”

This bit is from “Hitting Black Ice” from Loose Id

Alex has been running from the evil FBI agent Nick Truman for a long time. He’s running from emotional involvement with Hunter to keep Hunter safe from harm, but it’s not working any more…


Hunter wanted to laugh because Alex was trying to make him laugh, but another shuddering sob bubbled out of him. Alex kissed him, a soul-wrecking kiss that blew away the grief in a blast of heat and light. Hunter answered with his full heart, and he kissed Alex as if it was that first time in his living room, blissed out on the sensation of flesh on flesh. This flesh, this heart, this soul.

“My car is parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage,” Hunter panted, pushing Alex a little away so he could focus on the plan unfolding in his head and not the raging hard-on developing down below. “Get in the wheelchair, and we’ll go.”

“Hunter, there is no place for us to go. I’m going to sneak out and get back on the road again.”

“Someone saw you at the shelter. Truman thinks you’re still in town.”

“And I won’t be in a minute,” Alex said. “If you didn’t feel so damn good, I’d be out the door right now.”

“Get in the wheelchair. I’ll take you upstairs, like we’re going to a room, but we’ll get in my car and go to my dad. We’ll go home. He can help you.” Hunter smiled at the flicker of hope in Alex’s eyes.

Alex shook his head, the hope fading to a hardness Hunter had never seen before. “Your job, your life, Hunter. I won’t risk it. I’m going alone.” He turned to the door.

Hunter grabbed him by the back of his sweatshirt and jerked him back into his arms.

“None of it has meaning without you.” Hunter tightened his grip on Alex. “Someone has to help you after what you’ve been through. You deserve another chance to make things right. My father would expect that much from me. I expect it from me.”



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