#MySexySaturday #MSS91: If I Were Fire


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday #91.

I’m really not that good with themes–I tend to over think them, so I just did a random scan of “If I Were Fire” and when a paragraph or two jumped out at me, that’s what we ended up with this week 😀

Also, my apologies if you try to follow my link on the MSS site. I hope to have that fixed by next week.

Awesome authors here: http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.com/

If I Were Fire

Dreamspinner Press Fall 2015

Count Amadeo Masello has just made a decision he is not sure will help or damn him. Sharp Leonarda approves.

Amadeo, appearing rooted to the spot, shook himself slightly and bowed. He reached out quickly, grasped Salvesto’s hand, and pressed a fervent kiss to his knuckles, whispering, Grazie, padrone. Salvesto’s worries melted away. Over their gripping fingers, he met Amadeo’s gaze and lingered there a moment, feeling a slight smile tug at his lips. Amadeo pressed his lips together as if to quell an answering smile, and Salvesto’s heart fluttered like a trapped bird.

Leonarda drew her husband’s attention elsewhere with a tug on his sleeve, though her eyes were on Salvesto. Salvesto let go of Amadeo’s hand.

“The sunflowers, husband. See how they turn their faces to the loving sun, though they are rooted deeply to the earth?”

“What are you on about, woman?” Vittorio frowned. “They need the sun to grow. The sun does not love them.”

“The light transforms them. They cannot thrive in the darkness.”

“Mushrooms like the dark. I like mushrooms.”

“Oh, husband.”


One thought on “#MySexySaturday #MSS91: If I Were Fire

  1. oddlynn3 May 10, 2015 / 3:22 pm

    Nice snippet. Thanks for sharing, Heloise, and for being part of My Sexy Saturday!


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