#8sentencesunday Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #9


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The driver screamed curses at me in angry counterpoint to the dingus’s mad beeping. We came to a stop with a thump as the front right tire and most of the caravan behind landed in the ditch, nearly jackknifed in two. I glanced back; my little house was tipped, but not going over as yet.

“Right. That’s it for you.”

I stopped the engine, snatched up the dingus, and popped the boot. I wrapped the blanket around it and stuffed it into the already full space—my winter gear mostly, so it had a soft nest. I shoved it deep and cursed myself for not leaving it to its own fate. I unhitched the caravan, and after a brief tussle, heave-ho’d it back onto the road, straightened out the Penelope, and got the two hitched back together again.



3 thoughts on “#8sentencesunday Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #9

  1. Some seriously intense scene setting here. Not sure what the dingus actually thinks about its fate, but… I do know there’s more trouble ahead.


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