#MySexySaturday, #MSS92: Ardent Fire


Here we are again!


This is the moment Morello has been dreading; Benedetto is leaving him and their dalliance-turned-serious, to return to Florence. Saying goodbye only reinforces his feelings for Benedetto.

View of Ancient Florence by Fabio Borbottoni

View of Ancient Florence by Fabio Borbottoni

Now they had to say good-bye. “I will come to Florence,” Morello whispered. “The first opportunity.”

Benedetto stood beside his horse with his head down as the apprentices helped the complaining Master Zeno onto his own mount.

Benedetto nodded slightly. “You have work to do. Great work. You will forget me.”

“I’ve named my color for you, Angel.” Hot pain flashed through Morello’s heart. “Ardent Fire, for what lies between us. I will not forget.”

Benedetto raised his head, his gaze searching Morello’s, misery dragging down the corners of the mouth Morello could not kiss. “I’m not an angel, master.”

The younger man swung wildly up on his horse, anxious to get away, regret etched on his face. Back to Leo Guisculo. Morello’s heart contracted so with anguish, he could barely take a breath. “Benedetto!”

“Go with God, Master Morello. Go to Milan.” Softly, once more, “Forget me.”



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