#8sentencesunday, Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #10


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The Burning Sky #10

By now, the late afternoon was turning towards twilight—any moment now the stars would appear. I needed to make camp for the night, and soon.

Still on the road to Montpelier, I goosed the pedal to 20 miles per hour, as a campsite lay a few miles ahead, and still heard the beeping protests of the dingus in the trunk over the moving parts in the engine. I imagined its lights flashing amongst my galoshes, mittens, and other woolens. But when I heard muffled thumps against the partition between the trunk and the narrow space behind the seat, concern and curiosity made me reconsider. I was in no hurry and did not want the Penelope damaged beyond repair.

“All right, you win!” I called out and made a wide and careful turn. “But you stay in the trunk, beastie. No more accidents. Sing out when you need to, that’s all.”

I made the right hand turn onto the road to Burlington, and the beeping fell silent.




One thought on “#8sentencesunday, Weekend Writing Warriors: The Burning Sky #10

  1. Alexis Duran May 17, 2015 / 11:13 am

    Uh, oh. I really think it’s time for him to chuck the dingus, now that it’s giving him orders. Luckily our characters are never so sensible!


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