#mysexysaturday, #98, Our Sexy Man: If I Were Fire


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The theme for this week is “Our Sexy Man” so I’m amending it to “Our Sexy Men” this week:

If I Were Fire

(18th century Tuscany)

Dreamspinner Press Fall 2015

Those in the villa have been celebrating and drinking all night, but Salvesto needs a little help from Amadeo when he indulges too much in both wine and his growing feelings for Amadeo…


“Right here.” Amadeo pushed open the door. He set the lantern on a small table just within without letting go of him. Salvesto aimed his body toward the bed. He fell into it, tangled with Amadeo. “I beg your pardon!”

Amadeo laughed beneath him.

“Thank you for helping me to my bed.” Salvesto realized he had spoken into his pillow, so he turned his head and said it again. He had fallen half on Amadeo, half on the bed.

Amadeo laughed again. “But who is going to help me out of it?”

“Not me.” Salvesto reached out and touched hot flesh and damp linen, the coarse hairs of Amadeo’s chest beneath his questing fingertips. He touched Amadeo’s hand and gripped it; Amadeo gripped his hand in return, twining their fingers together with an urgent twist. “I’m not capable of more than a kiss right now, but if you… if you….” Christ, what was he saying? He let go of Amadeo with an abrupt shake and pulled himself off him. Turning his back, he said quickly, “I’m drunk. Ignore me. Go. We won’t speak of this again.”

“I thought if I drank enough, I might drown my desire for you,” Amadeo said, not laughing now. “A kiss will not quench it, either, Salvesto.”

Hope loosened his tongue and made him reach for Amadeo again. “What will, I wonder?”


photo credit: N03/11457587925″>Astigmatism via photopin (license)

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