#8sentencesunday, Weekend Writing Warrior: Burning Sky #16



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The sun lay close to the horizon, the clouds stained pink, orange, and pale yellow, and the land around me had grown dark. I must have passed out or fallen into a deep sleep to have had such a dream or vision. In the past, I would have awoken from such a fit snappish and annoyed, but I felt calm and simply tired. I still had a way to go before I could lay my head down– a camp to set up and dinner to make. The possibility of Family finding me was always there.

I climbed into the steam couch and got moving again; it’s what I did. I hadn’t gone very far when I came upon a man sitting on a large stone leaning hard against his walking stick. I slowed the car down to get a better look. He was dark-haired, pale, and raised weary yet wary eyes to me. Distress was obvious on his face and tightened his handsome features into a grimace.



One thought on “#8sentencesunday, Weekend Writing Warrior: Burning Sky #16

  1. Eden July 17, 2015 / 11:25 pm

    A strong sense of voice here… A need to hurry and move on. Makes me wonder why our MC is stopping for this man. What part will he play?


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