#MySexySaturday 101st, My Sexy Heroine: Ardent Fire


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The 101st My Sexy Saturday theme “My Sexy Heroine” has me at a disadvantage as I write M/M Romance. 😉

Back in Renaissance Florence, when Benedetto needs help, he has a friend to turn to.


The stone steps had led them to the room above the guards. There were three more rooms, one on top of the other. In the old days, fear of fires kept the kitchens in these family towers at the top, though she did not need to use it now for that purpose. He half expected her there, for that was the only room with a hearth, and the rain chilled the walls and floor of stone.

Benedetto stumbled on the last step, and Paolo grasped him quickly before he tumbled back down the hard stone stairs.

“Benedetto Tagliaferro, Countess Alfieri,” Rubei announced.

Dressed in varying shades and layers of blue velvet shot with silver threads, she stood at the open window. Benedetto glimpsed the red rooftops of the sprawling city beyond her, the heavy gray sky hovering above. An old woman dressed in black silk sat in a chair nearby tatting lace with expert fingers and glanced at him with hooded suspicion.

When she turned, he bowed deeply. “Mona Sofia.” When he stood straight again, she had taken in his disheveled appearance. His heart sank at the concern that creased her lovely face. Her long black hair was plaited, wound about her head like a crown, and studded with jeweled pins. Her eyes of slate blue shone with intelligence and spirit. She stood haughty and straight-backed, though a little pale and with dark circles under her eyes.

“Benedetto.” She held her ringed hand out, and he rushed gladly to take it. When she tugged him forward to embrace him, he pulled back.

“Your gown, I don’t want to ruin it,” he murmured but she put her arms around him and squeezed him warmly. A little of the coldness fled from his heart.

“It’s only a dress,” she said in his ear. “I have more of them than I have true friends.”


photo credit: http://www.veja.it


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