#OurSexyPlace, My Sexy Saturday: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses



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The 102nd theme this week is “Our Sexy Place” and what better place to go than a tropical island in the path of a hurricane?

For fans of Hunter and Alex (and Nick has a cameo) the sequel to Hitting Black Ice is in the home stretch. I know, I’m slow.


Their bare feet slapped against the sun-bleached boards of the footbridge, the green, low-growing rain forest clinging to its edges, for the few hundred yards from the breakfast patio to the pool. The beach chairs were striped canvas and wood, chaise style. Alex had grabbed a matching umbrella for when the sun was directly overhead, but he left it unfurled as they had a few hours yet before noon by the tilt of the sun in the unbelievably blue sky. The poolside held a half dozen chaise lounges and couples of various ages. They returned languorous, sun-soaked greetings in English, Dutch, and French as they passed, Alex leading them to a spot he had deemed worthy for their day in the sun. When the chairs were side by side, the canvas beach bag between them, Hunter sighed with pleasure, though he was soaked with sweat. He pulled off his T-shirt. “Do you want to swim first?”

“I’m dying to.” Alex let down his shorts with a wicked grin, the T-shirt falling to his thighs.

“Tell me you didn’t get a thing-thong!” God, they’d laughed together at the online models wearing bathing suits with pockets for their cocks.

Alex laughed. “No, just a Speedo. For you.” He shrugged out of his T-shirt with an elegant, mouth-watering play of muscles and skin and some of the lounging women whistled and clapped for the blue and white striped strip of cloth around his hips. Hunter mock growled and reached out to grab him, but he ran down the side of the pool, blond hair streaming, long muscular legs eating up the distance to the deep end of the pool. He dove like a happy dolphin into the water. Hunter ran after him with a hurried, sloppy dive, shocked at the sensation of water as warm as bathwater. It made him want to melt into it. He came up for air and hands beneath the water gripped his calves. He grabbed a breath before Alex yanked him under. They wrestled briefly and surfaced.

“Fantastic!” Alex shouted, whipping the water from his hair. Hunter shoved him, threw himself on top of him, and they went under again.

When they surfaced, Alex said, “We can rent a sailboat. Or a rowboat and paddle around in the bay. Or fish if you want. Do you think your leg will hold up to snorkeling?”

“Snorkeling, maybe even scuba.” He’d swim to the moon to keep Alex happy.



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