Our Sexy Time 103rd #My Sexy Saturday: If I Were Fire


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If I Were Fire

Release date in September 2015 from Dreamspinner Press

A little bit of pre-Sexy Time with Amadeo and Salvesto….

Salvesto laughed to himself, his attention going to Amadeo. He occupied the bench across from him alone, bare legs stretched out toward the dying fire, his shirt untucked; the ties had loosened and the right shoulder had fallen to reveal his naked skin. His answering smile was slow, eyelids drooping with the amount of wine he had drunk.

Or perhaps time has slowed with the amount of wine I have consumed?

Oh, my. Amadeo appears the perfect Bacchus.

A young Bacchus, you ridiculous man. Some inner voice chided him, sounding much like one of the monks from his youth.





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