#Mysexysaturday/My Sexy Boyfriend: Send Lawyers, Guns, And Roses



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Alex and Hunter are on their dream vacation on Saba, a small volcanic island in the Dutch Antilles. Tonight they’ve gone to karaoke with new and old friends, but there’s trouble brewing ahead. At least it’s not snowing….


The two moved away, out of Hunter’s hearing, heads together as they talked under the sound of the music and the crowd. Whatever it was, it made Orfeo deadly serious—maybe even scared him.

“Alex Crow! Up you go!”

Alex turned and gave Hunter the white-hot smile that lit up his blue eyes and set Hunter’s heart on fire. Orfeo and Rowdy flew out of his head. Holy shit, he loved Alex so hard. He kissed him quickly and pushed him toward the stage.

“Can he sing?” Talisha asked beside him.

Hunter didn’t care if he croaked like a frog or played a tune with armpit farts. “Yes, he can. Not as good as you, though.”

“You love him a lot,” Talisha said with a grin. “He’s so sexy.”

“Wicked sexy,” Hunter said, his heart thumping.

The music started, and Alex launched into Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”




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