That Sexy Time of Day #MySexySaturday: Before The Hurricane: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses


Hey, all, welcome to the 106th My Sexy Saturday!!

“I’m kind of looking forward to my first time in a hurricane with you,” Hunter said, deflating a beach ball under one arm.

The staccato sound of hammers driving nails into plywood, the buzz of chainsaws taking down trees and branches dangerously close to houses invaded the quiet afternoon. Rain pattered and pocked the surface of the pool. The hotel felt abandoned. Frederick and the housekeeper had closed the storm shutters, giving it a blind appearance that muffled the hotel’s heart and soul.

“I hope Rowdy can get Talisha to go with him. They’re going to have to take an earlier plane, though.” Alex placed the last of the folded chairs into the shed. He picked up a bag of damp towels to bring to the laundry room. “Before the planes and ferries stop.”

“I hope we don’t run out of lube and rum.” Hunter slung a net bag of pool toys into the shed over the chairs with a grin.

“We should find our phones and charge them up,” Alex said with a concentrated air. “Call family and tell them we’re okay. They’re bound to see the weather reports for this area.”

Hunter frowned at Alex’s serious tone. “Vacation’s not over yet. How about a skinny dip before all hell breaks loose?”

“Orfeo needs our help.” Alex glanced at the pool and back to Hunter with a smile at the corner of his mouth.




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