Weekend Writing Warriors: If I Were Fire



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Welcome Weekend Warrior Readers and Writers!

A brief excerpt from my new historical romance release “If I Were Fire” from Dreamspinner Press.

The evil Guelfetto is explaining young Amadeo’s situation to Count Masello, but you can’t believe everything you hear 😉


When Guelfetto poured more wine, Salvesto handed Amadeo his cup, despite Guelfetto’s warning growl.

“The condemned man, eh?” Guelfetto shrugged. “I paid young Amadeo quite a bit of money to lose the race. As an added incentive, I bought off his gambling debts, in case he decided to cross me. And then what did he do?” Guelfetto reached across and struck Amadeo a glancing blow to the back of his head. “Won the race!”

Salvesto caught the quick grin Amadeo tried to hide.


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