#MySexySaturday Our Sexy Date: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses



Good morning, and welcome to another sexy saturday!

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It’s Alex’s birthday and Hunter has a few surprises for him…the first is dinner at an Italian restaurant…from Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses, the sequel to Hitting Black Ice:

“Somehow, I didn’t think we’d want the seafood platter after visiting the fish equivalent of Bambi at the Aquarium, either.” Hunter filled their glasses again. “How’d I do with the wine?”

Alex rolled his eyes with a groan, smiling and chewing. He swallowed. “We’re going to have to roll home, if we can even stagger to the trains after all this.”

“No, we don’t.” Hunter waited a beat, until Alex glanced from his plate up to meet his eyes. “I booked us a room at the Ritz-Carlton.”

Alex’s mouth dropped open.

“And a horse drawn carriage is going to pick us up and take us to the hotel.”

Alex put the sausage down. He scooted his chair closer to Hunter, their foreheads nearly touching. “It’s too much, honey,” he whispered. “I’d have been happy with a movie and a blowjob, as long as I was with you.”

“But you deserve more than that,” Hunter whispered back. “I hired a couple of porn stars to feed us expensive chocolates and more champagne while they give us a bubble bath. Plus, they have really big cannoli, baby. We can’t disappoint them.”



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