Weekend Writing Warriors: Burning Sky #23



Welcome Writing and Reading Warriors!

My apologies for being so tardy today.

Here’s a little more Burning Sky, and this link below will take you to the beginning of Jonnie’s story.



When it was ready, I ate the wild stew and drank the beer. I liked this life enough, though some called me a coward and some a rogue. Sabotage had destroyed the Starcatcher and most of her crew, and the culprits never caught. Perhaps they had died along with the rest of us, a suicide mission. While some sought justice, others cultivated revenge, but my heart could not bear it. When I had finally healed, I had given my statement at the military hearing. Directly after, I and the Penelope took to the road. Family had found me then, and Family found me now.


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Burning Sky #23

  1. Great statement…some call me a coward and some a rogue. You can learn a lot about a character with a sentence like that. I take it she is quite the complex character who is either perceived differently by different people or it depends on the side she show them. Excellent.
    History Sleuth’s Wewriwa Mystery


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